Does changing dns server increase speed

Feb 06, 2011 路 Note:-I already stated above but just like to clearly say again that changing your DNS will not improve your downloading speed and it does not bypass all sorts of blocks from your ISP either. Here is a million dollar tip 馃檪 After changing your DNS, before sure to clear the DNS Cache of your computer. I wanted to change DNS servers as well to use Pi Hole and increase network speed . Message 15 of 78 (22,671 Views) 2 Thanks

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That isn't certain though. It will depend on how close the third-party DNS servers are to your home or office...and how slow your ISP's DNS servers are. But it might be worth checking out. You might get more reliable service. If your Internet Service seems unreliable, switching your DNS service might be an easy way to see if that's the problem.

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Oct 27, 2020 路 I didn't know it changed and just did the switch yesterday with what looks like a speed improvement for some reason. Still trying to figure out why it would increase speed. Unless it goes to a different bank of servers. This is how the internet works. Your ISP automatically assigns your internet connection a DNS server. You can change your computer, laptop or computer networks DNS to our servers for faster performance and higher levels of security stopping a virus before it reaches your device Furthermore, from the point of an attacker, the DNS servers of larger providers are very worthwhile targets, as they only need to poison one DNS server, but millions of users might be affected. Instead of your bank's actual IP address, you could be sent to a phishing site hosted on some island.

When i then restart my computer, i get the same DNS settings that I had gotten before. I went back to the router's page and it still had the updated IP and DNS settings. I ran an IPCONFIG /Release and an IPCONFIG /Renew and I still got the same DNS settings. I don't know why it won't change the DNS settings that are handed out with DHCP.

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